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Who we are

Intech Group has been operating in the industrial sector for more than a decade.

It is essentially based on many years of experience and constant updating in the field ofinstallation e maintenance of electrical systems. Offering appropriate technical advice, as well as verification and certification in full compliance with safety standards.

Our strengths 

The company intends to be characterized above all by its flexibility and dynamism, understood as both operational time and readiness to operate over a wide area with H24 availability.

It makes use of qualified, skilled and up-to-date employees, of state-of-the-art equipment and fully equipped vans for all types of operations. Every piece of equipment used is checked and certified e complies to safety standards.

Our goal 


The goal of Intech is to become an ideal partner to best meet our customers' needs, with a focus on commissioning, maintenance e service.

The operating philosophy that accompanies its growth is to ensure the highest levels of quality and implementation, working in full harmony with its clients and always identifying the best solutions.